For those of you just tuning in, I started this webcomic because I came to the realisation one day, not so long ago, that actually amongst all the inertia, bleakness, and monotony, I have a story to tell. It crept up on me by surprise.

This is for my neighbours and friends in our little world here in Cambridge, UK. Where I hope we might find strength in our inter-connectedness, richness in the every day, and enjoy the vast networks of our imagination.

This is a new medium for me, so I am enjoying playing and experimenting with what works and what works online in the limited real estate of our devices. I hope you enjoy it. You never know, you may find yourself or someone you know featuring in it!

You can happily view this on your mobile.

Part 1

In the dreariness of the year and the rolling set-backs, disappointments and underlying anxiety…But something happened in the in-between spaces.

Part 3

The fact was that I was bored, a bit down, like everyone, I missed people, community, and being inspired. Perhaps strange times required unusual actions. Either way, I kind of didn’t care anymore…

Episode 4 Red Robin Letters Koekoea, Emma Louise Pratt 2021

Part 4

I am lucky to be surrounded by good people.

If you are going to be in a bunker, these are the people you want to be in a bunker with.

Part 5

A visit home.

Part 6

Look out and up little bird, we’re going on a journey.

Red Robin Letters Episode 7 Koekoea, Emma Louise Pratt 2021

Part 7

Waitangi. Reflecting on February 6th, the weight of my nation’s day and the weight of a name.

Part 8

A history of epidemics and activism

Part 9

Matariki and the gate.